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Who We Are

A1DSCR has 20+ years of lending experience and has forged long-term partnerships with professional real estate investors. We are hyper-focused on one solution only - Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR). We have a proven business strategy and a simple value proposition:

  • Make it easy for investors by utilizing technology

  • Be radically transparent about the terms and conditions

  • Be great at what we do - One Solution - DSCR

  • Consistently share unique insights on macro and micro market conditions

Business Formation & Closing in a LLC

Professional investors close deals in a LLC.  They are extremely busy - entrepreneurs juggle quite a bit on a daily basis.  We can help you formulate a business and guide you through obtaining business related documents.  E.g., Articles of Org., EIN, Operating Agreement, Cert of Good Standing, Etc.

Deal Pricing

Professional investors do not have time to play games. There is absolutely no need to complete a loan application or pull credit to obtain an interest rate+total loan fees.  Simply email us and we will quickly share the DSCR deal worksheet to be completed.

Compensation & APR

Professional investors not only focus on interest rate, but also the total costs associated with the loan (aka APR). We breakdown the full cost of the loan, and explain the difference between lender paid compensation versus borrower paid compensation.  

Other Key Points

Professional investors ask smart questions - E.g.,

  • Is there a Hard Prepayment Penalty?

  • Can I finance some of the fees into the loan?

  • Are you able to finance short-term rentals?

  • Can I close my loan in a LLC?

  • Can I choose a Lender Paid option?

Abstract Background

Experience the A1DSCR Difference

Imran Alli | Founder | Residential & Commercial Lending | 866-777-2348 |

Bloomfield Hills, MI

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